AQA symposium: Learners and mathematics in transition

The Wallace Space, 22 Duke's Road, London, WC1H 9PN

The purpose of this symposium is to consider ways in which AQA can work with the mathematics education community to support students to engage with and make progress in mathematics.

Background to the day as described by the organisers of the event can be accessed here.

The programme of the day with downloadable links to presentations is presented below:

10:00Welcome and introduction to the day (Andrew Taylor, Head of Mathematics, AQA)
10:15What do we know about participation and engagement in GCE Mathematics?
The 14-19 phase (Evaluating Mathematics Pathways project) - Pat Drake
Dispositions, motivations, aspirations (Geoff Wake)
Discussion point: What additional insights can particpants offer?
11:10What do we know about students and mathematics in transition? (Julian Williams)
11:55Background: How do we engage students in mathematics 14-19
Choosing to study mathematics: making subject choices (speaker from CERP)
Student trajectories (Geoff Wake)
Discussion point: What further work do we need to do to engage students in mathematics 14-19?
What additional insights can participants offer?
What impact might there be on teaching and learning and how can we support good practice?
What approaches to assessment could support good teaching and learning?
13:45What is the effect of self-efficacy on studentsí participation?
(speakers from CERP and Transmaths [Julian Williams])
Discussion point: What implications might this research have for teaching, learning and assessment?
14:45How do we make mathematics 'useful'?
The Use of Mathematics (speakers from Transmaths [Geoff Wake] and EMP [Pat Drake])
Contextualising mathematics (Alastair Pollitt)
Discussion point: What are the implications of the research for teaching, learning and assessment in mathematics?
15:45Closing comments