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2010 - Working paper

Transfer of mathematics learning to problems of electrical and electronic engineering during the first year of university
Davis, P., Harris, D. & Jooganah, K.

This paper presents data gathered from interviews with electrical and electronicengineering students during their first year at university who may therefore be describedas being in transition from pre-university student to student engineer in university. Theseinterviews were conducted as part of a larger research project funded by the ESRC intothe place of mathematics during this same transition. By choosing to study engineering,students are selecting courses which are mathematically demanding and subsequently thisselection may influence their overall success or failure on the course. The studentengineers who were interviewed as part of the project tell stories about the transition theywere experiencing and the `obstacles' they encounter in their journey to becomeengineers. These interviews reveal their experiences of and their engagement withmathematics and how these shape their disposition towards mathematics in particular andtheir respective engineering courses in general.

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