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Details for publication #37:

2008 - Working paper

Students' perceptions of mathematics' coursework in first year of College
Hernandez-Martinez, P., Black, L., Davis, P., Hutcheson, G., Nicholson, S., Pampaka, M., Wake, G. & Williams, J.

Students taking AS Use of Mathematics course perceived coursework as a different learning, teaching and assessment experience from that of regular lessons and examinations. For many students, coursework provided a resource for conceptual understanding in a different, less stressful environment than that of time-pressured exams, something which in turn could enhance their grades and eventually help them to succeed in mathematics. Coursework was also seen by students, particularly those in vocational courses, as a means to gain practical knowledge, something that suited their interests. Many students (although not all) considered these aspects of coursework enjoyable and beneficial to them. The few comments on coursework (mainly from their GCSE experience) of students taking a traditional AS course agreed in general with those of their Use of Maths peers. These results point to the need of rethinking the policies that have abandoned coursework as a way of learning, teaching and assessing, especially if we want to increase participation in mathematics.

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