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2008 - Working paper

Participating differently in mathamatics: the value of mathematics, learner approach and Programme context
Davis, P., Pampaka, M., Williams, J., Nicholson, S., Hutcheson, G., Hernandez-Martinez, P., Black, L. & Kleanthous, I.

A cluster analysis of students discourses by codes applied to their interview responses leads to (i) categories of 'maths values' (exchange-orientated; use-orientated, and 'mixed' orientation'), (ii) categories of 'learning approach' ('surface' and ' not surface'), and hence to hypotheses about the relations between these two constructs. We find that there is a weak relation between 'surface' and 'exchange', and 'mixed' and 'other', but that 'use-oriented' and 'not surface' are related. However, these relationships are complicated when Programme (BTEC vocational-'AS uses of maths' and 'AS maths) are taken into account. Finally, we interpret these findings as patterns in discourse in their pedagogic and curriculum contexts. We suggest that when students are in dialogue with a 'uses of mathematics' Programme/course narrative a space is created that some students may take up to become a different kind of mathematics learner - a mathematical modeller.

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