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2007 - Book chapter

Hybridity of mathematics and peer talk: crazy maths
Davis, P. & Williams, J.

In this chapter we show how students' collaboration regarding their work in class can sometimes facilitate a sociable 'community influenced' classroom mathematics talk. The social affordances of collaboration and indeed mathematics as a human, social activity have been examined by many others, although sometimes under the guise of equitable mathematics or inclusive mathematics pedagogy (Boaler, 2000, Boaler and Greeno, 2000, Nasir and Cobb, 2002, and many others) and earlier in the area of 'cooperative' classrooms. Such research has consistently pointed to the value of encouraging student-student interaction as a means to foster more positive identifications with mathematics, often for those who might be described as struggling learners (for example Boaler, ibid).

Davis, P., & Williams, J. (2009). Hybridity of maths and peer talk: Crazy maths. In L. Black, H. Mendick, & Y. Solomon (Eds.), Mathematical relationships in education: Identities and participation (pp. 136-146). New York: Routledge

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