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Details for publication #54:

2007 - Symposium paper

Pedagogic practices and interweaving narratives in AS Mathematics classrooms
Wake, G.

As you set out to read this paper you may wonder about the story it will tell. Already as authors we are manipulating your engagement as a (potential) reader. Hopefully, our choice of title appeals suggesting that our focus will be AS mathematics lessons and that we will be viewing these by taking account of the practices that teachers employ within their teaching and the different stories that are involved. The narrative device of speaking to you directly is perhaps unusual in an academic paper: you may be wondering how else we will attempt to maintain your interest and engagement and how we will sequence events to ensure that the points we wish to make potentially have maximum impact. We raise these issues at the outset, as narrators ourselves, to help us suggest that mathematics teachers in their design and implementation of lessons make similar choices: they narrate a story, or stories, for their students where the development of mathematics is in the main central, but may not always be so. However, their medium, the lesson, has much more potential than the page available to us here. They consequently have other choices to make about how to engage the audience, their class, in their unfolding narrative(s): what pedagogic practices will they use to maximise impact, entertain, and so on? In this way teachers, therefore, might be considered as directors of a performance art production, who may at times decide to incorporate the audience to a greater or lesser extent, in the story they tell.

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