Teacher survey

Teacher questionnaire

Survey introduction

In completing this questionnaire think of one class that you teach and answer the questions in relation to that particular group (your practices may be quite different for another class).

When you have completed the questionnaire your answers will be analysed online to place you on a scale so that you can see how your teaching compares with that of the teachers we surveyed in our research.

A word of warning… We have no answer about what are the most effective teaching practices – there is very good teaching that is transmissionist and very good teaching that is connectionist each of which can lead to successful student outcomes in terms of attainment.

Which type of teacher are you?

1. Students work through exercises.

2. Students work on their own, consulting a neighbour from time to time.

3. Students use only the methods I teach them.

4. Students start with easy questions and work up to harder questions.

5. Students choose which questions they tackle.

6. Students compare different methods for doing questions.

7. I draw links between topics and move back and forth between topics.

8. Students work collaboratively in small groups.

9. I tend to follow the textbook closely.

10. Students discuss their ideas.

11. Students work collaboratively in pairs.

12. Students invent their own methods.

13. I tell students which questions to tackle.

14. I teach each topic separately.