ISCAR 2011

The TRANSMATHS team papers presented at the Congress of the International Society for Cultural and Activity Research (ISCAR), Rome September 2011:

Symposium 353 - Bourdieu and Activity theory: challenges and syntheses
"Where CHAT meets Bourdieu"

Chair and Discussant: Julian Williams
Discussant: Wolff-Michael Roth
Introduction to symposium

  1. A socio-cultural approach to resilience in studentsí mathematical transition to College and University
    Paul Hernandez-Martinez
  2. Ethnic Minority-Cultured Students and Classroom Engagement
    Sophina Qasim
  3. Indigenous middle-class and immigrant studentsí educational choices and perceptions of parental influence
    Irene Kleanthous
  4. Something like a subject: A critique of Bourdieu's implicit theory of agency
    David Swanson

Individual paper:
335.2 Developing a leading identity across the transition to mathematically demanding programmes at university.
Laura Black, Julian Williams